Welcome to Go to Innovation

Go, Baduk or Weiqi, as this strategy game is called in in Japan, Korea respectively China, is considered to be the worlds oldes board game. The rules are easy, but there is nearly unlimited number of ways to play. You can become hooked on Go easily. Go is very appreciated in these three countries. A number of companies hire Go teaches for their employees to improve their strategic excellence, power of concentration and social competence.

To attract more attention to this game in Germany and Europe Dr. Martin Sattelkau started to develop the new annual tournament “Go to Innovation” in 2003. Supported by Alexander Eckert who developed the necessary software, the first tournament was held in November 2004. Since that time the tournament takes place regularly. The venue is the “Manfred von Ardenne - Gewerbezentrum” in the Innovationspark Wuhlheide

„Go to Innovation” is supported by the Go-Verband Berlin and the fm-one Managment Services GmbH. But, without the generous sponsorship of our partners the tournament would not be feasible. So special thanks goes to our sponsors, in particular to our main sponsor, Innovationspark Wuhlheide Managmentgesellschaft mbH.


Martin Sattelkau